Amy Weiks is an artist with an interdisciplinary practice rooted in photography, printmaking, metalsmithing and domestic crafts. Amy began her art career as a photographer before studying printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland. After discovered metalsmithing in 2004 it gradually became the center of her focus. Her passion for form, composition, and detail drive her exploration of functional typologies and tools in metal, on paper, and in mixed-media.



Gabriel Craig is a metalsmith, writer and craft activist. His interdisciplinary practice seeks to identify the cultural potential of craft by engaging diverse audiences in explorations of self-sufficiency, labor, consumption and tradition through performance, social practice projects, video, text, and craft-media. Craig has been a metalsmith for thirteen years, starting his career as a jeweler and gradually becoming interested in larger and more varied metal techniques. His object-based work is often influenced by historical ornament and architecture.



Amy Weiks and Gabriel Craig are a Detroit-based artist team who began collaborating in 2007. Together they have brought their individual interests and talents to bear on objects, sculptures, installations, and tools. In 2012 they co-founded Smith Shop, a nationally acclaimed metalworking studio in Detroit where they spend the majority of their productive time. Their collaborative resume includes residencies, solo exhibitions, and award winning installations that straddle the line between the historical eulogizing of objects and ornament and the rigorous reductive distillation of technique, form, and surface.